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"Don't tell what happens in this house" was the running mantra in the household where I grew up.

For many years I carried the pain of traumatic childhood events that took place and I held them in.

I experienced an upbringing that forced me never speak about any of it, and act as if it never occured. I waited for someone to come along and speak up for me but they never did. I had to find a way to save myself.

Growing older, I harbored the resentment and pain of those things, played small, and dumbed myself down in every area of my life.

But after realizing I could no longer wait, or allow them to haunt, and hinder me, I began to walk in my truth while discovering my personal freedom.

I've stayed hushed too long....It's my time to give myself PERMISSION to stand in my POWER.

As I share my journey with you, it will inspire and empower you to give yourself permission also.

My Story

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