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Over the last 3 years, we have all been invited to a whole new opportunity to EXPAND. I for one have been called to move into a higher place for quite a few years now. That was one of the reasons God moved me to South East Asia (a story for another time). However, it's easy to stay in a comfort zone rather that scrap everything you'e always known and intentionally allow yourself to be a bit uncomfortable as you evolve, learn, and grow.

As someone who has been in the career of lifecoaching since 2012, I believe one of the things that I've had challenges with is mainly "OverThinking", and definitely speaking to the wrong audience for way too long.

Although, I have carved out a lane of comfort for myself and have overcome many things that I wrote about, and discuss openly I believed that clients would just come running for my products, services, and offerings.

It didn't happen the way I thought it would.

What I discovered is those who I was speaking to, weren't ready for my level of development. As a result I grew more and more discouraged with the work I was doing, and underwhelmed. I toyed with the idea that I might have chosen the wrong career, or that I was unable to give my clients the level of transformation that I have been awarded.

That was all bullshit! I had to finally surrender while at the same time being honest with myself. I, myself was not expanding into my higher positioning due to not wanting to start over again.

I was stuck in my zone of comfort rather than operating in my zone of GENIUS.

I have since scrapped ALL of the old ways now.

I have no obligation to my former self, my former way of thinking, nor the former idea of what success should look like. I didn't come this far only to come this far.

As always, I continue to invest in myself, and I'm working on a new mindset to go along with that higher place God has been calling me to.

The truth is, we all of have a personal blueprint that we sometimes ignore, or run from based on societal norms but it a new day now.

I'm such a FREE spirit, and so comfortable in my own skin I just thought it would be super easy to attract the ideal clients who wanted their own sense of freedom and transformation.

Well, MY actual CLIENTS who are ready to hear me as I speak from a higher frequency are in fact ready.

Now that I realize I have to design a NEW approach to not only Expand, but RE-CREATE my own personal blueprint, I'm super excited and look forward to new knowledge, new adventures, and new money coming my way.

I look forward to diving deep into my "EXPANSION ERA" and can't wait to learn and grow with the rest of you who are also excited about expanding!

so tell me, what have been some of your challenges, and what does the EXPANSION ERA look like for you?

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